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6996 Piazza Grande Avenue, Suite 103 Orlando, FL

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Orlando's 1st and only


We are extremely excited to have found our pilot location for oUR PACIFIC ROOTZ KAva Bars in the Orlando area. Being from the Pacific Islands ourselves we look forward to sharing our culture with the Orlando community while creating an authentic island retreat. We are looking to create a true island vibe lounge/bar where the working professional can come to unwind after a long week at the office.

We will create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere while incorporating a true island feel with original Pacific island art, history, and best of all a true taste of the island. We will have smooth reggae music playing to add to the ultimate mellow mood. 

We will offer different strands of Kava from different islands such as Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. Our staple will be the traditional Kava mixture however we  also offer different flavor combinations such as Coconut, berry, CAPPUCCINO and vanilla .